Digital Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing requires fabric with a high synthetic content to achieve the richest colour. The more synthetic content, the more saturation of colour you can achieve. 100% polyester, microfibre and  other synthetic fabric technology has come a long way in recent years Рthere are synthetic versions of just about every style of fabric that can be printed.

Artwork, Design and Sampling

We can print from most normal file formats. EPS and PDF are the most commonly used files for composite or vector based designs, and the humble uncompressed JPEG is the preferred choice for bitmap / photographic files. We can also accept many Illustrator, Indesign, Coraldraw, Photoshop and other program files. Visit this page to upload a file or contact us for specific file information.

Complete Garment Protection

We can produce or partially produce a large range of custom designed and Australian manufactured complete garments. We supply either direct or through an agent to schools, supporting and social clubs, companies, communities, associations, individuals, startup or established businesses, marketing or promotional companies, university, school or TAFE students and teachers.

Affiliated Brands and Products

Emerald Dreams works with a variety of fashion labels, sporting brands and clubs, specialised branding companies, swimwear brands and more. Irrespective of your needs, our service is flexible and affordable, so you get the results you are looking for. Our affiliated brands continue to produce fabrics and garments of exceptional design, and we help to finish their version with our famous quality and workmanship.

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Fabric printers in Brisbane

Based in Queensland’s South East, Emerald Dreams supplies local fabric printing services for all kinds of projects. Whether you are an up-and-coming fashion designer, or an established fashion label, our sublimation printing process helps you design and print unique fabrics for your collections

We have no minimum order requirements, so if you are looking to experiment with textile design without having to order your fabrics in bulk we can help.

We can print textiles for sports clubs, trade shows and other corporate uses

If you are also looking to get uniforms custom made in your team’s colours get in contact with us, as we love getting involved in communities. We can also handle printing fabric for corporate wear you can use in trade shows, promotional events or even just company uniforms.

What are the benefits of having a local company handle my fabric printing needs?

When you buy from local fabric printers, not only are you keeping business in Australia, but it is very cost effective, timely and there are no minimum orders. Usually getting fabrics printed overseas is inefficient because of the time it takes to place the order, get all the specifications 100% right, print your materials and then have it shipped to you.

When you get your fabrics printed with Emerald Dreams, we work the same hours you so; this means you can get your fabric strait from us or have it delivered locally. Plus you don’t waste money on buying huge amounts of fabric you many not need.

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As a new busines starting out in the fashion and teamwear industry, I found Emerald Dreams to be very helpful with sampling patterns and designs for new garments. Next day turnaround printing of my samples is impressive and has sped up my approval process.

Neil Wilhelmsen

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