Our approach to caring for our environment.

At Emerald Dreams we have taken great care in implementing a number of processes to ensure that we are doing what we can for the environment and for the people within our working community. 

  • Emerald Dreams is an Australian small family business with a strong work life balance policy. 

  • Our process saves on both water and energy.

  • We use non-toxic, water based inks. We save on water as there is no steaming or washing required to set the ink into the fabric. The ink is only set when placed under a high pressure and temperature. We print directly onto paper which is then set into the fabric via our calendar heat press.


  • All of our paper is recycled.


  • We run our calendar press only two days a week to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Digital printing allows for precision; whereby you only print what you need. This way there is no wastage, as we use the exact amount of ink required for each garment or fabric order.

  • We only purchase our fabrics from Australian based businesses and our largest supplier manufactures their fabric within Australia.

  • We work with fabric suppliers who can provide sustainable solutions to the production of textiles such as recycling plastic bottles and making fabric that we can print onto.