Artwork should be supplied at the correct, or intended print size. If you want the print to be 150x100cm, then the file should be supplied as such.

           •  Vector is best or Image files at 150dpi to 300dpi resolution at     

              scale of print.

           •  EPS, TIFF, PDF or JPEG files in either RGB or CMYK colour profile


           •  The quality of our printing is determined by the quality of the

               artwork that you provide.

           •  Art with layers to be saved as Hi-Res flat images.


Before submitting the artwork for printing or testing please ensure that you are submitting the final artwork; only then can we guarantee a consistent result from the strike-off to the final print.

Artwork colours can differ significantly from what is viewed on a computer/device screen to what translates onto printed fabrics.

We advise for any large orders whereby a specific colour is required, that a sample be printed for approval prior to the commencement of the order.

Emerald Dreams offers a colour matching service at $50 per hour, when a specific or specialised colour is required.


Black for CMYK set to 100%: C=100%, M=100%, Y=100%, K=100%

Black for RGB R=0%, G=0%, B=0% 

White for CMYK set to 0%: C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=0%

White for RGB R=255%, G=255%, B=255% 


Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop files with layers should be supplied as Hi-Res JPG files so that layers/ tools used are not lost in the printing rip program.

Artwork files supplied in Vector format will have a cleaner finish over files provided in JPG.

Photographs can be printed to a large format of 1.5m wide. The images should be at a minimum of 300 dpi.

If you have a large file please supply either via WeTransfer or upload your file here


Panel or placement printing is when a digitized pattern is laid into position by a graphic designer to ensure the best yield for your fabric. All panels are strategically placed across the printable area of the fabric whilst keeping in mind the way that the yarn runs. 

computer screen.png
computer screen.png
Width of Fabric


  • Emerald Dreams can print up to 1.5m wide to as many meters long as you require.

  • If you are printing repeat print meterage please ensure your file is set-up in full repeat, to the width of the fabric with no repeat lines.

  • A repeat tile with a height between 1m and 5m is preferred.

Width of Fabric

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